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David Missita – On Inventory Control Management

July 26, 2013

For nearly 12 years, David Missita has worked in the field of inventory control and workshop management at retail and electronics stores. After years deployed on aircraft carriers in service of the US Marines as an Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician, David Missita received an honorable medical discharge in 2001 for a severe workplace injury. Since that time, he has further developed his skills in inventory control management.

Inventory control is a specialty area of business administration for documenting, storing, locating, and retrieving objects or materials. In an effort to optimize workplace efficiency, inventory control managers often use barcodes or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to automate inward- or outward-bound objects or materials, thus providing immediate identification for record keeping and accounting purposes. Inventory control systems often include the use of handheld scanners, networked workstations or terminal PCs, tablets or other handheld computers, storage and packing tools, and much more. The primary mission of an inventory control manager is to ensure that all inventory, be it materials or products, is at the required levels for seamless workflow and business operation.


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