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About David Missita

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, David Missita served in Japan and throughout the United States, including in North and South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and California. He joined the Marines in 1996 and earned a position in MOS Field of 7011 aircraft recovery, garnering the Good Conduct Medal during his time at the Marine Headquarters. Mr. Missita worked as an Expeditionary Airfield Systems Technician in the years that followed, installing and servicing vital systems for aircraft recovery and assisting in other aspects of aircraft design and maintenance. A standout in the field, David Missita was frequently chosen for specialized tasks and responsibilities. Following a serious accident while overseas in Japan in 1998, he remained on active duty before receiving an honorable medical discharge in 2001.

During his time in the military, David Missita developed a strong sense of honesty, fairness, and self-confidence that continues to guide him. He possesses an innate passion for people and enjoys prolonged face-to-face interaction. In addition to his military service, Mr. Missita has held positions in retail, electronics, and workshop inventory. He has studied at the ITT Technical Institute in Greenville, South Carolina, as well as the University of South Carolina Upstate. In the future, he hopes to become involved with volunteer work or vocational training to pursue a new career.

David Missita is an avid sports fan and continues to support the NFL’s Carolina Panthers.

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